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Police Misconduct: A Practitioner's Guide to Section 1983
Author: Wayne Beyer

Police Misconduct: A Practitioner’s Guide to Section 1983 is written by a practitioner for practitioners, including your legal advisors and civil defense attorneys. It combines 18 substantive chapters covering the law with 12 on practice in over 1,500 pages. The first 18 chapters cover both high frequency and high exposure cases: Fourth Amendment searches, arrests, deadly and non-deadly force; Fourteenth Amendment duty of protection; First Amendment; individual, supervisory, and municipal liability; qualified immunity; claims against state and federal officials; procedural defenses; damages; and common law claims and defenses that are counterparts to § 1983. The 12 practice chapters begin with an investigation, representation, and initial pleadings; discovery in-depth; motions practice, including dispositive motions and motions in limine; and dozens of evidentiary issues in alphabetical order for quick reference. Using hypothetical fact patterns, chapters cover the trial, with tips on jury selection, opening and closing, the order of witnesses and pattern examinations, how to handle the qualified immunity issue at trial, jury instructions, special verdict forms, post-trial motions, and attorney’s fee awards for prevailing plaintiffs -- all with checklists, practice tips, and dozens of forms.

With free annual supplements that update Supreme Court decisions, developments in the law, and the latest thinking from police organizations, this is the only book your lawyers will need for a successful police misconduct defense practice.

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